Capacity is built through the development, education and engagement of people. This can be achieved by connecting people with researchers, managers, representatives and ideas from around the world.

To enhance the capacity of Australia’s recreational fishing sector, the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation is supporting a study tour, through the Recfishing Research Subprogram, to the 2017 World Recreational Fishing Conference No.8 (WRFC8) in Victoria, Canada, from the 16th – 20th of July. The study tour will additionally give participants the opportunity to learn, first- hand, about some of Canada’s most iconic recreational fisheries and their innovative approaches to management.

Participants in the 2017 WRFC8 study tour were selected from all over Australia, through a highly competitive application process. Two types of bursaries have been awarded through the project: Future Leadership, and Research. A number of the participants are also presenting at the conference, and collectively, the study tour will prepare a detailed report to deliver upon their return.

As their journey evolves, the Australian WRFC8 Study Tour will be sharing their insights, new networks, knowledge and experiences with the recreational fishing community back home, in real time through Facebook posts and updates. The Australian WFRC8 Study Tour will also provide updates and briefings on key themes and presentations, interviews with world leaders in management and research, live videos and reports from the field.

Be sure to go on this journey and learn with the Australian WRFC8 Study Tour, by following them on their Facebook page.

Australian WRFC8 Study Tour Team

Evan Dixon

Evan Dixon is a Northern Territory born recreational fisher and primary school teacher. He spends his free time fishing in the greater Darwin region for barramundi, pelagic and tropical reef species.

For several years, Evan has fished competitively in the Top End Barra Series, a local competition with six rounds of barramundi fishing held across a range of locations. Evan holds a committee position with the Amateur Fishermen’s Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT). As a committee member, he dedicates his time to supporting AFANT’s mission to represent recreational fishing in the NT and ensure the quality of the sport. Evan has recently taken on the role of convening the AFANT Recreational Fishing Research and Tagging Subcommittee.